Parisian red lips

Simple eye make up and red lip is so french and chic. This makes anyone look youthful and sophisticated. I feel like this is a classic make up look which is never going to get old.

If you would like to see how I achieved this bronze skin, simple eyes and a bright lip in 10 easy steps, then please keep on reading. Below are the list of products I used after skin prep.

Step 1 – Foundation

I love Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk because you can build it up according to your preference. I wanted a light coverage so I only used couple pumps. I’m wearing shade 6.5.

Step 2 – Concealer

Nars radiant creamy concealer is my all time favourite. I love the coverage it provides. No matter what the look I am aiming for, I always use heavy amount of concelor. Im wearing shade ‘custard’.

Step 3 – Setting Powder

This translucent powder has to be my all time favourite. This is the only setting powder I use for under eyes/ baking. I don’t usually bake and I didn’t do so for this look.

Step 4 – Contour

I used my all time favourite Hoola bronzer from Benefit. I use the original shade to contour my cheekbones, forehead, jawline and nose.

Step 5 – Eyebrows

I naturally have full eyebrows so I just like to fill in the sparse areas of my brows. Using Mac Cosmetics eyebrows pencil in shade ‘stylized’ and then I like to apply clear gel from Hourglass.

Step 6 – The eyes

As I wanted a simple eye make up look, I used Hoola as a transition colour on my eyelids. Then I used Morphe brown pencil eyeliner to line my top eyelid focusing on the outer corner. Lastly, finished the eyes with my all time favourite mascara for when I want a more fuller yet subtle lashes. I’m wearing Lancôme mascara in Hypnose ‘01 Noir’.

Step 7 – Highlight

As I wanted a more healthy looking skin I lightly applied Becca Cosmetics highlighter in shade ‘Champagne Pop’ on the bridge of my nose and cheeks.

Step 8 – Bronze

This is the second most important step in this look. I’m a sucker for a bronzed skin. What I like to do is, using a large powder brush, I like to apply the bronzer all over my face. This step make the face make up blend together and blurs any harsh lines. The bronzer I’m wearing is from Hourglass Ambient Light Bronzer in shade ‘Diffused Bronze Light’.

Step 9 – Setting/ Hydrating spray

I like to spray my Mac Prep and Prime fix plus spray at the end as this spray takes away the excess powder and hydrates the face. I’m using the spray with rose water.

Step 10 – Lips

The most important step, the lips. I like to over line my lips ever so slightly in order to achieve a pout. For this look I’m wearing Kylie Cosmetics liquid lipstick in the shade Boss. This is such a pretty bright red, I love it.

Hope you guys enjoyed this post.

Thank you x

A bit of red to brighten up the day!

Today I decided to jazz it up a bit and wear jeans and a red lip. I was getting bored of the usual co ordinate or pyjamas as a work from home outfit.

Wearing a red lip after a long time and it honestly brightened up my mood. I thought why not keep it simple, let be honest I’m not going anywhere until quarantine is over. However, I still like to feel good and make an effort with myself. I forgot how beautiful and french a red lip with simple eye make up can be.

Here I’ve paired my Levi’s jeans with a nice oversized linen shirt. I love oversized/ boyfriend shirts. It’s something about the fitting that make you look effortless. Personally, I think an oversized shirt with a pair of nice skinny jeans makes a perfect classic and timeless outfit.

Stay home and stay safe!

Working From Home attire during Quarantine

I never imagined a time like this where we all have to practice social distancing and self isolation for greater good. I feel like I am in a fictional movie or a bad dream on repeat.

Since most of us (including myself) are work remotely until this pandemic is over, I thought why not keep the normality flowing. For the last 7 days of quarantine I’ve been working in my pyjamas. However, I make sure that my pyjamas match and they feel good and smell fresh.

It’s all about the mindset as this determines your behaviour and mental attitude. When I wake up I still get ready as if I was leaving my house to go to work. When I get changed instead of work attire I get into fresh pyjamas or co ordinates. This routine gets me out of the lazy mood and helps me be more productive.

I understand it is difficult not being able to see your loved ones and friends, but we are all in this together. Stay home and stay safe.

Everyday feels like a Sunday, Quarantine Diary!

Honestly, everyday feels like a Sunday to me. My Sunday routine normally involves having a lay in, shower, get into my joggers and chill. This quarantine season I feel like I’m doing this everyday.

Just because we’re not allowed to leave the house in order to stay safe, doesn’t mean we don’t do anything that makes us feel good and normal. I feel like a nice pair of joggers with a vest or a crop top really makes the whole mood change.

I like feeling good and looking presentable at all time and there’s nothing wrong with that. Even if it means dressing up in cute loungewear just so you can chill in your living room.

British weather is always wet and windy, so I always wear long line cardigan to keep me warm throughout the day. I think longline cardigans are a must whether you’re chilling indoor or wearing it as outerwear.

Here I’ve paired my grey joggers with a crop vest and fluffy slippers. To top it up I’ve paired this with a long oversized cardigan. I love a monochrome look, there is just something about it that makes your entire outfit look chic.

Happy Sunday lovelies x