Everyday feels like a Sunday, Quarantine Diary!

Honestly, everyday feels like a Sunday to me. My Sunday routine normally involves having a lay in, shower, get into my joggers and chill. This quarantine season I feel like I’m doing this everyday.

Just because we’re not allowed to leave the house in order to stay safe, doesn’t mean we don’t do anything that makes us feel good and normal. I feel like a nice pair of joggers with a vest or a crop top really makes the whole mood change.

I like feeling good and looking presentable at all time and there’s nothing wrong with that. Even if it means dressing up in cute loungewear just so you can chill in your living room.

British weather is always wet and windy, so I always wear long line cardigan to keep me warm throughout the day. I think longline cardigans are a must whether you’re chilling indoor or wearing it as outerwear.

Here I’ve paired my grey joggers with a crop vest and fluffy slippers. To top it up I’ve paired this with a long oversized cardigan. I love a monochrome look, there is just something about it that makes your entire outfit look chic.

Happy Sunday lovelies x