Working From Home attire during Quarantine

I never imagined a time like this where we all have to practice social distancing and self isolation for greater good. I feel like I am in a fictional movie or a bad dream on repeat.

Since most of us (including myself) are work remotely until this pandemic is over, I thought why not keep the normality flowing. For the last 7 days of quarantine I’ve been working in my pyjamas. However, I make sure that my pyjamas match and they feel good and smell fresh.

It’s all about the mindset as this determines your behaviour and mental attitude. When I wake up I still get ready as if I was leaving my house to go to work. When I get changed instead of work attire I get into fresh pyjamas or co ordinates. This routine gets me out of the lazy mood and helps me be more productive.

I understand it is difficult not being able to see your loved ones and friends, but we are all in this together. Stay home and stay safe.

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