A bit of red to brighten up the day!

Today I decided to jazz it up a bit and wear jeans and a red lip. I was getting bored of the usual co ordinate or pyjamas as a work from home outfit.

Wearing a red lip after a long time and it honestly brightened up my mood. I thought why not keep it simple, let be honest I’m not going anywhere until quarantine is over. However, I still like to feel good and make an effort with myself. I forgot how beautiful and french a red lip with simple eye make up can be.

Here I’ve paired my Levi’s jeans with a nice oversized linen shirt. I love oversized/ boyfriend shirts. It’s something about the fitting that make you look effortless. Personally, I think an oversized shirt with a pair of nice skinny jeans makes a perfect classic and timeless outfit.

Stay home and stay safe!

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